About Amanda

Born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan Amanda happened into Multifamily Real Estate 19 years ago by complete accident and found her niche'.

Starting off as a leasing agent and working her way through the industry ranks to her current position, Amanda is multi-faceted. She has held positions at all levels of property management ensuring she has the industry knowledge necessary to be marketable in today’s competitive market. Prior to multifamily housing she enjoyed several years after college in Banking through direct and indirect lending of both consumer and mortgage loans.  
When she is not reviewing portfolio performance, improving systems, creating websites or blogging she enjoys spending time with her family outdoors and writing. Being married to a Sergeant in the United States Army, they’ve done their fair share of moving around.

Thankful for the ability to be mobile today, Amanda currently services clients in California, Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Washington State and West Virginia.
With near two decades in the industry she has had the opportunity to be involved with many associated agencies including local and regional property management organizations, state housing agencies, along with attending numerous continuing education seminars and conferences.

Volunteering has also been a very important of ‘giving back’ and being a part of her community and state. Examples of her volunteer work include the Braceville Fire Department, Michigan Community Blood Center, The Patriot foundation and the Coalition for homelessness in Flint Michigan. 
Visit her 'My work' page to see what she has done or 'Services' to see how she can compliment industry businesses. Amanda specializes in portfolio asset management, market analysis, website creation and social media marketing but never shies away from new challenges.    
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